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Journeys through the inner and outer landscape.

Between stimulus and response there is a space.

In that space is our power to choose our response.

In our response lies our growth and our freedom.  




“The Wild Mind Odyssey is an incredible marriage between the beauty of nature and the serenity of the mindfulness journey. If you’re looking for an experience that will take you completely outside of your daily routine- and one that will challenge you both physically and spiritually, this is exactly the trip for you. Couple that with an abundance of laughter and joy - and you’ve got a magical walk in the woods here."

Paul Winnowski

Paul is a seasoned business leader who has run multi-billion dollar companies from Asia to Europe to the US. His most recent role as the President of Sunrun saw him take a mid size solar company and transform into the clear #1 residential solar energy company in the US. Paul is now an active investor, board director, and mentor.

Our hypothesis is simple: 
Mindfulness x Wilderness =
A profound shift in perspective and personal understanding.

Wild Mind was born out of our shared passion for wilderness, mindfulness and human potential.


Combining these passions we facilitate fun, transformative journeys through the inner and outer landscape that change the way we relate to ourselves and the natural world. 

Mindfulness expands time and space, allowing us a greater freedom to respond, relate and ultimately contribute to the world we live and move in. 


Every contemplative tradition recognises the wilderness as fertile ground for realization; a place of awe, wonder, and deep connection to our transcendent past. 


So, into the Wilderness we will go to “lose our minds and find our souls”.



Organic Craters


Using our wondrous natural world as the prime mover to shift the parameters we live under and create the conditions for deep and lasting change.

Image by Mark Basarab

New Patterns and Perspectives

Odysseys are not meditation retreats, but are punctuated with practices that cultivate and train mindfulness a.k.a non-judgmental present moment awareness.

Cracked Rocks


We subscribe to Jean Paul Sartre’s maxim that adventure is anything out of the ordinary, without being extraordinary. Safety is always first, and fun is a close second!


Real Connectivity

We cultivate interconnectedness, as well as stress-test the above hypothesis, by enjoying the rare luxury of being unplugged and screen-free throughout our journeys together.

Image by Tyler Lastovich


Overcoming adversity requires stepping back and reframing situations in a positive way to foster openness and receptivity. Odysseys are not physically grueling, but always outside of our collective comfort zone.




Our days begin with hot drinks in the meadow against a backdrop of alpine peaks, before a blend of breath-work, mindful movement and yoga to activate our bodies and minds.​​


After a hearty farmhouse breakfast we hit the trail to walk, talk and contemplate our way into a profoundly different paradigm.


While hiking, we draw on the power of the mountains, mindfulness and an intentional paradigm shift to create more space between stimulus and response.


Odysseys are punctuated by periods of silence, guided meditations, mindful walking and meaningful conversations at the intersection of philosophy, psychology and the contemplative traditions.


After returning to the farmhouse we reflect on our experience together before a three course meal of local produce and flavours prepared by our hosts, renowned Slovenian vinters Mitja and Jozi.


Still have questions?

Check out the FAQ section.

Odyssey Overview


Our Odyssey lodging is the stunning Kekčeva Domačija, a lovingly restored traditional Slovenian farmhouse nestled in the Trenta Valley, deep in the Julian Alps. Accommodations are homely, well-appointed suites with all the comforts and amenities on site to unwind and recharge after a day on the mountains. Beautiful food is lovingly prepared by the host couple in the arms of the mountains.




We try to run at least one Wild Mind Odyssey each year. Please drop us an email if you are intersted in attending, have questions, or would simply like to know more.

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About Us


2022-06-09 13.50.33
From the Himalayas to the Outer Hebrides, the Japanese Alps to the wilds of Montana, Matt and Karim have voyaged together as friends for over 20 years.
Now we invite you to journey with us.

Karim Rushdy, Founder & Mind Guide

Karim is a mindfulness teacher, facilitator and former business leader who has run experiential leadership programmes for corporate, government and NGO leaders in 15 countries.

In 2013 mindfulness transformed Karim's relationship with chronic pain and radically changed his perspective on life. Now he's passionate about helping others cultivate their inner resources and wellbeing.


Karim is a registered member of the British Association of Mindfulness Based Approaches (BAMBA) and is trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). He currently teaches mindfulness to elite athletes, corporate teams, and individuals struggling with pain and stress. He is also an advisor to GIFT.ed, a global EdTech platform for purpose-driven leadership, economics, and governance.


Karim has an MBA from the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in Beijing, and is pursuing his second Masters at the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University in the UK. He is a Trustee at Breathworks, a leading charity and training organisation offering mindfulness and compassion based approaches to managing pain and illness.

Karim lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with his wife and two daughters, his most treasured mindfulness teachers.

Matthew Brailsford, Wild Guide 

Matt is a reformed corporate executive, experienced wilderness walker, avid motorcycle-rider, dedicated skier, and serial entrepreneur.


After a high-flying career in property investment and management in China that spanned 15 years, Matt returned to his native Montana and founded several successful companies in real estate, mobile storage and high-end van conversion.

It was during a 21-day walk in the Bob Marshall Wilderness with his ten year-old son in 2021 that Matt experienced the transformative power of the wilderness when combined with intentional mindfulness activities and a child's mind. On that seminal trip the seed of Wild Mind Odyssey was planted and took root. Once back on grid Matt called Karim to share his experience and the rest, as they say, is history.

Matt has led motorcycle tours in the Andes and United States, hiking tours in the Himalayas, and countless pub crawls around the world!

Matt is also a certified yoga teacher, trained wilderness EMT and current wilderness first-responder. When he’s not walking, skiing or riding in the backcountry, Matt adventures with his wife and two sons. His family split their time between Montana, Medellin and Amsterdam.






How fit do I have be to join the Odyssey?

Odysseys are not a test of strength or stamina. That being said, we do spend four to six hours on the trail each day in mountainous terrain. Wayfarers must be physically prepared. We recommend training in the months leading up to the Odyssey by engaging in regular hikes, cycling, and especially sessions on the stair-master!


Does it matter if I've never meditated before?

Not at all! The meditations and mindfulness practices used during the Odyssey are suitable for all levels of experience. This is not a meditation retreat. it is a purposeful reconnection with a different paradigm that uses meditation as one its techniques to reconnect with ourselves and the natural world. If you already have a regular meditation practice - great! If not - don't worry! The most important thing is to come with an open, curious mind and a willingness to explore your inner landscape, as well as the outer landscape of the majestic Julian Alps.


No screens at all? What about emergencies?

That's right, no screens at all for the duration of the Odyssey, and that includes watches! This is a key driver in creating a very different paradigm from the one we are used to living and moving in. Your guides will have devices for use in emergencies, and your loved ones will be able to contact you anytime by calling the farmhouse and leaving a message.


Are Odysseys designed for men?

Odysseys are for everyone, regardless of gender, race, age, ethnicity or any other diverse background. The only criteria to be a Wayfarer are an open mind, a willingness to engage and participate fully in the journey and, in light of that, the physical ability to hike for 6 hours in the mountains. If you're not sure whether the Odyssey is a good fit for you, reach out and let's find out!


Aside from fitness, what other practicalities do I need to consider when joining an Odyssey?

Insurance and Gear are two other areas to consider.


We provide a gear list with items that are required (think water bladder, walking pole, waterproofs, etc.) including links to purchase if you don't already own them.

All Wayfarers are required to have comprehensive insurance coverage for the duration of the Odyssey. There are many providers out there that offer good coverage for these kinds of trips, World Nomads is one such company.

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