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Journeys through the inner and outer landscape.


Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.  - VIKTOR FRANKL

Our hypothesis is simple: 
Mindfulness x Wilderness =
A profound shift in perspective and
personal understanding.

Wild Mind was born out of our shared passion for wilderness, mindfulness and human potential.


Combining these passions we facilitate fun, transformative journeys through the inner and outer landscape that change the way we relate to ourselves and the natural world. 

Mindfulness expands time and space, allowing us a greater freedom to respond, relate and ultimately contribute to the world we live and move in. 


Every contemplative tradition recognises the wilderness as fertile ground for realization; a place of awe, wonder, and deep connection to our transcendent past. 


So, into the Wilderness we will go to “lose our minds and find our souls”.


Organic Craters


Using our wondrous natural world as the prime mover to shift the parameters we live under and create the conditions for deep and lasting change.


Real Connectivity

We cultivate interconnectedness, as well as stress-test the above hypothesis, by enjoying the rare luxury of being unplugged and screen-free throughout our journeys together.

Cracked Rocks


We subscribe to Jean Paul Sartre’s maxim that adventure is anything out of the ordinary, without being extraordinary. Thus safety is always first, and fun is a close second!

Image by Mark Basarab

New Patterns and Perspectives

Odysseys are not meditation retreats, but are punctuated with practices that cultivate and train mindfulness aka non-judgmental present moment awareness.

Image by Tyler Lastovich


Overcoming adversity requires stepping back and reframing situations in a positive way to foster openness and receptivity. Odysseys are not physically grueling, but always outside of our collective comfort zone.


About Us

2022-06-09 13.50.33
From the Himalayas to the Outer Hebrides, the Japanese Alps to the wilds of Montana, Matt and Karim have voyaged together as friends for over 20 years. Now we invite you to journey with us.

Matt is a wilderness walking, motorcycle-riding serial entrepreneur who went from corporate life in Shanghai and Beijing to founding a property management and highly sought after van conversion company in his native Montana. When he’s not skiing, riding in the backcountry, or on an adventure with his sons Dane and Beorn, Matt splits his time between Montana, Medellin and Amsterdam.

Mindfulness transformed Karim’s relationship with chronic pain and radically changed his perspective on life. Now he's passionate about helping others cultivate their inner resources and wellbeing. Karim has run leadership programs in 15 countries. Today he works in disruptive digital learning, is pursuing a Masters in Teaching Mindfulness, and is a Trustee at Breathworks, a UK charity offering mindfulness and compassion based approaches to managing pain and illness. Karim lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with his wife and two daughters.

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